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For your convenience and safety, Skin Dermatology in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, will now offer care utilizing Telehealth. New and established patients can connect with us from the comfort of home, your place of work or wherever it is private and convenient for your routine medical office visits and cosmetic consultations. With Telehealth, our providers can continue to care for patients in-person while still providing the flexibility and convenience of seeing patients remotely for new concerns, follow-up visits, rashes, acne, skin issues and education, when appropriate or necessary. Contact Skin Dermatology today to schedule your Telehealth visit with us.

Telehealth Q & A



At Skin Dermatology in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, Alissa Lamoureux, DO, FAOCD, FAAD, believes a strong doctor-patient relationship is the foundation for high-quality patient care. Skin Dermatology utilizes Telehealth to support, not replace, traditional in-person provider care. Telehealth will offer our patients with the following benefits:

  • It’s Convenient – Receive dermatology care from the comfort of your home or any private location where you have mobile access, saving you time and potential frustration
  • It’s Secure – Our technology for Telehealth is 100% HIPAA compliant, ensuring your private health information is protected
  • It’s Safe – Reduces your risk of exposure to a new Illness
  • It’s Simple – All you require is a computer, smartphone, tablet or any device with a camera and high-speed internet connection

Sounds Great…How Do I Get Started?

  • Schedule Your Appointment with Us
    • Request an appointment by clicking the “Request Appointment” button or by calling us at (508) 257-7278
    • Upon scheduling, you will receive two e-mails from our office to get you started with Telehealth:
  1. Patient Portal: Provides your username and link to our patient portal
  2. Telemedicine Service: Provides the Practice URL and instructions
  • Access your Patient Portal
    • Ensure you can log-in to your patient portal account using the Patient Portal e-mail
    • Please ensure accuracy of all health and account information
    • You can now access your Telehealth appointment from the patient portal, provided you have a desktop computer with a webcam, and you are using a recent version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  • Download and Access the PocketPatientTM App
    • Follow the directions provided in the Telemedicine Service e-mail. Please note the Skin Dermatology URL is
  • Success! You are now ready to join your Telehealth appointment via your Patient Portal or PocketPatientTM App
    • Please note your visit will not appear in the PocketPatientTM App until our Dermatologist initiates the visit at your scheduled appointment time. Once initiated you will receive a pop-up notification to join the visit.
    • Please DO NOT Request Virtual Check-In

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is similar to an office visit to your dermatologist, only instead of traveling to your doctor, you can conference with them from your home or location of convenience. In Telehealth, telecommunication technologies such as phone and video chat are used for “virtual” appointments to diagnose and treat common skin conditions. You can speak with our Board-Certified Dermatologist from the comfort and safety of your home or chosen location, and receive prompt diagnoses, medical advice and prescriptions.

Can patients of all ages utilize Telehealth?

At this time all Telehealth patients are required to have their own unique email address, so as long as that’s the case, anyone can participate. Please note: A minor is required to have a parent or guardian consent and be present for Telehealth visits.

Can I see my dermatologist online?

Telehealth allows you to speak with a Board-Certified Dermatologist via phone call or video chat.

Can I get prescriptions for medicine from Telehealth?

Yes! Our Board-Certified Dermatologist can prescribe or refill medications, as needed.

Is My Personal Health Information and Photos Kept Confidential?

Yes! Your personal information and communications during your Telehealth appointment are secure and 100% HIPAA compliant.

Who can sign-up for immediate online visits?

Right now, Telehealth visits are available for new and established patients of Skin Dermatology.

Is This Service Covered by Insurance?

Telehealth is now covered by Medicare and most commercial insurance plans. The changes were made recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please call or text us at (508) 644-050 or send an e-mail to to confirm the details of your coverage.

What If I Need an In-Office Procedure or Skin Biopsy?

We try our best to limit the number of appointments you will require. Prior to your visit, our dermatologist may require a photo of the area of concern be sent by secure text or email. This photo(s) will be reviewed by the dermatologist prior to your appointment to determine if a Telehealth visit is appropriate to address your concern. If your doctor determines that an in-office visit or procedure is needed, our staff will schedule an in-person appointment as soon as possible.

I think I got it…but if not, are there any additional resources?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need any assistance. We want to make this process as simple and convenient for you as possible, and our knowledgeable staff is more than happy to help guide you through the steps to get started.

In addition, the videos below are extremely helpful in walking patients through the process by their preferred device: