Skin Cancer Treatment at Skin Dermatology

Many people develop skin cancer in their lifetime, but it is by far the most curable form of cancer—though early detection is important for a positive outcome. Skin cancers often vary in appearance from person to person, which makes them difficult to identify to the untrained eye. As a specialist of the skin, Dr. Lamoureux possesses unique expertise to identify these conditions.  

Monitoring and Managing Skin Cancer

Skin cancer varies widely in appearance, making it impossible to diagnose yourself if you’re not a skin cancer specialist yourself. However, if you notice changes in your skin, moles, or other skin irregularities, that may warrant a visit to Dr. Lamoureux. Examples of these changes include the lesions shifting in size, shape, and color, become painful, itch, burn or bleed. Monitoring skin changes is very important. 

Your Personal Skin Cancer Treatment Plan

When you visit Skin Dermatology for your skin check, Dr. Lamoureux may remove suspicious moles altogether. She may also perform a biopsy to determine whether malignancy is present. If skin cancer is indeed found, treatment will be recommended according to the type of cancer you have and its stage.

Once you and Dr. Lamoureux develop a treatment plan that best addresses your condition and treatment goals, she will help you schedule an appointment at Skin Dermatology or with the appropriate specialist. Cure, cosmesis, and achieving the best clinical outcome are our main concerns in treating you.

Skin Cancers We Treat 

The common skin cancers that we treat at Skin Dermatology are basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. Basal cell is the most common skin cancer—yet it’s responsible for the vast majority of skin cancer fatalities. Dr. Lamoureux will excise some melanomas, but depending on its stage of progression, she may refer you to a specialist.

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What Does Treatment Involve?

  • Prescription topical therapy: This may be recommended for superficial skin cancers.
  • Excision: We will cut out the entire lesion and often some surrounding skin and then sew it back together. The tissue removed will be sent for analysis by a pathologist to evaluate for complete clearance of cancer. Stitches will be removed at a subsequent visit. Patients are instructed to limit exercise and heavy lifting while stitches are in place.
  • Electrodesiccation and Curettage: We will use a special tool to scrape away the lesion. Then we will use a special tool that contains an electric current to destroy the remaining cancerous cells. The treated area will be covered with a bandage and local wound care will be advised. 
  • Referrals: We will refer you to a specialist in Mohs surgery, plastic surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or lymph node removal.

Surgery for Skin Cancer

Surgery is a common treatment for basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers. Different surgical techniques can be used. The options depend on the type of skin cancer, how large the cancer is, where it is on the body, and other factors. Most often, the surgery can be performed by Dr. Lamoureux at our office in Shrewsbury, which is located in the greater Worcester, MA area. Dr. Lamoureux is always very considerate regarding how a surgical procedure can affect skin healing and appearance.

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Skin Cancer Treatment at Skin Dermatology

At Skin Dermatology, we know that you have a choice in medicine. That’s why we do everything possible to make your experience with us the very best it can be. Dr. Lamoureux spends—at a minimum—double the time with a patient that any other dermatologist would spend. She listens very carefully to you, making you a part of your own treatment plan. This level of individualized care requires enhanced experience, quality, and trust that other practices simply cannot provide. We represent the best value in this area when you weigh training, expertise, safety, technology, and atmosphere. When you choose Skin Dermatology, you can be certain that you’re in the hands of a practice that truly cares.

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