When our skin is injured, scar tissue forms. This is done to help heal the wound and protect it. Sometimes extra scar tissue can grow, resulting in a hard mass called a keloid. Keloids can appear on any part of the body but are commonly found on the chest, shoulders, ears, and back. 

How To Spot a Keloid

Keloids will appear in areas where there was a previous injury. This could be from a cut, piercing, surgery, tattoo, acne, or anything where the skin was injured, inflamed, or cut. Keloids will often be larger than the initial injury. Keloids can take weeks or months to develop and may continue to grow larger over time. Their coloring tends to be flesh-colored, pink, or red. The texture is usually lumpy or rigid and hard to the touch. Some may also experience some itching in the area. 

Keloid Treatments

There are several types of treatments available to remove keloids, including:


There are some cases where surgery may be required. Surgery can be used to remove more extensive or older keloids that may not respond to other treatments. Radiation therapy can be applied after surgery to help limit recurrence. 


For smaller keloids, a cryosurgery is a good option. Cryosurgery uses liquid nitrogen to freeze away keloids. 


There are also corticosteroid injections to help reduce inflammation and bring down the size of the keloid. These injections can also reduce any redness, itching, and swelling.


Laser treatments are also available to help create a smoother appearance. A laser can resurface a keloid and the nearby skin to produce a softer look.  

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When Should I Seek Treatment?

Keloids often take weeks or even months to develop, but you can get them treated at any time. Because they do not pose any medical risk, they do not need to be removed or done hastily. Keloid treatment is available even if the keloid has been there for years. If you have had a keloid for years and would now like treatment, contact Skin Dermatology. 

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Your Treatment at Skin Dermatology 

Skin Dermatology is a full-service dermatology practice created by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Alissa Lamoureux. Dr. Lamoureux opened Skin Dermatology in her hometown of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, with the focus of providing individualized care in a retreat-like environment. If you want to know more about your keloid removal options, contact us today. 

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