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TempSure Firm is a radiofrequency-based treatment that melts fat, tightens the skin, and performs cellulite reduction—all at once. It helps to improve fine lines and wrinkles, shrink large pores, correct tissue texture abnormalities, and treat sagging skin. It’s a painless, no-downtime treatment that can be done anywhere where the skin needs attention. 

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Key Benefits of TempSure Firm

  • Quick, convenient, painless treatments
  • Results are very fast
  • No downtime
  • Results continue to improve over 4-6 weeks

What Makes TempSure Firm Different?

TempSure Firm is extraordinarily accurate in its temperature control, keeping your specialist aware of the heat levels during treatment. The technology won’t begin to count down until the handpiece’s sensors alert your specialist that the temperature is just right to be effective for collagen production. 

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TempSure Firm Provides Even Heating

TempSure Firm Provides Even Heating

Patients often come to me with concerns that make them self-conscious. When I can help them restore their confidence or help them feel better about themselves, that is my greatest reward.

Dr. Alissa Lamoureux

Your Consultation

At Skin Dermatology, we want to ensure you experience the best treatment and outcome available. During your consultation for cellulite reduction in the Worcester, Ma area, Dr. Lamoureux will go over with you on what you would like to achieve with your treatment, and develop an individualized treatment plan for you. Dr. Lamoureux will assess your problem area and go over the procedure she feels would be best for you. She will then take you step-by-step through the treatment process, what to expect during recovery, and when you will see results. Photographs may also be taken so that we can monitor your progress.

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TempSure Firm Treatment Details

Before treatment, you will be made comfortable on an exam chair, and a grounding pad will be applied to your back. After this, you will lie down and lubricant will be applied directly to your skin in the area to be treated. Next, the TempSure Firm hand-held device will massage the treatment area for approximately 15 minutes. The sensation is very comfortable, and feels much like a warm massage.

For energy-based treatments like TempSure Firm, Dr. Alissa Lamoureux provides you with the safest and most comfort-enhancing techniques to make your experience a great one. She ensures that you have adequate time to pre-treat with anesthetizing agents, and during the procedure she will make sure you’re positioned comfortably and that a cooling device (such as a Zimmer chiller) is used to provide instant comfort if needed.

The hand-held device moves back and forth as the heat is increased to effectively melt fat, tighten skin, and decrease the appearance of cellulite. This radiofrequency heat stimulates collagen production, which helps reduce the “orange peel” cellulite effect. Typically about 4-6 treatments are needed for optimal results, spaced at 2-4 week intervals. Maintenance treatments should be performed annually or semi-annually.

Typically about 4-6 treatments are needed for optimal results, spaced at 2-4 week intervals. Maintenance treatments can be performed annually or semi-annually. 

Downtime from TempSure Firm is very minimal, and most patients return to their normal activities right after a treatment. However, you can expect warmth, swelling, and minor redness in the treated area for a couple of days. 

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Skin Dermatology?

With Skin Dermatology, you can be certain that you’re in the hands of a practice that truly cares. Everything we do is centered around the patient. Founded and led by double-board certified Dr. Alissa Lamoureux, we are a one-stop-shop for all your cosmetic, dermatology, and surgical needs. We are committed to caring for every facet of your skin—and doing it exceptionally well. Dr. Lamoureux spends double the time than any other dermatologist would spend with a patient, making them a part of their own treatment plan. If you're interested in cellulite reduction in Shrewsbury and the Worcester, MA area, please contact us to set up your consultation.

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