Nail disorders can be the result of infections, warts, injuries, and certain medical conditions. While a change in the nails is not always the hallmark of an underlying medical condition, it is important to have any new changes examined by a doctor. 

What Types of Changes Are Abnormal?

As we age, our bodies change, and these changes include our nails. Some are expected and are no cause for alarm. Other changes should be evaluated to ensure they are not caused by any underlying conditions. This includes:

  • Nail separating from the skin
  • Brittle nails
  • Discoloration
  • Clubbing or curling nail
  • Pain around nail
  • Swelling around the nail
  • Bleeding around the nail
  • Change in nail thickness
  • Pitting in the nail

If you notice these or any other abnormalities in your nails, contact Skin Dermatology to schedule an appointment.

Nail Conditions

There are several different types of nail conditions that can affect the look or feel of your nails. Some of the most common ones include: 

Beau’s Lines:

These are a type of nail disorder that leads to depressions that run across the nail. These may be a sign of zinc deficiency or malnourishment. It can also be caused by medical conditions such as measles and mumps.


This occurs when the nail begins to curve around your finger. This tends to take years, and the nail thickens over time. This can be caused by certain diseases where there is low oxygen in the blood.

Yellow Nail Syndrome: 

This occurs when the nails begin to turn yellow and thicken. The nails can also begin to curve and lose the cuticle. This can be caused by different respiratory illnesses or some medical conditions. 

Nail Disorder Treatment

Skin Dermatology works with each patient to develop a treatment plan to fit their needs. The treatment course will vary based on the symptoms. Nail conditions are sometimes a symptom of an underlying condition. Skin Dermatology will work with you to determine if that is the case. There are also oral and topical prescription medications available to treat certain nail disorders.

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