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Our Cynosure Icon 1540 laser for skin resurfacing addresses a wide variety of skin concerns, is excellent for all ages, and provides a much-improved comfort level and downtime period than many other lasers.

Our Approach to Lasers

Dr. Alissa Lamoureux has a vast knowledge of laser platforms due to her extensive training and direct experience with using lasers on many patients. She administers all laser treatments herself, or only under the direct supervision of another trained and skilled provider.

Dr. Lamoureux stands out from other laser providers not only because she is a board-certified dermatologist, but also because she never simply treats you with the laser and walks away. Rather, she remains with you throughout your journey with your skin. She is always available for phone calls or messages, and there is truly no one better to perform laser treatments and help with skincare than her.

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Your Consultation

Dr. Lamoureux provides free cosmetic consultations so that she can understand your concerns and form a treatment plan. During this consultation, she will advise you on what type of laser will work best for you, how many treatments you’ll need, and the estimated cost and timeframe in which these treatments will be performed. This consultation is the ideal time to bring up any questions or concerns you have for Dr. Lamoureux, and the meeting also allows you to experience our space and team—helping you to see what makes Skin Dermatology different than any other practice in the area.

ICON by Cynosure: Skin Revitalization

ICON by Cynosure: Skin Revitalization

Treatment Details

Before your facial skin resurfacing treatment, your skin will be cleansed and numbed with a topical anesthetic. Once your skin is numb, we will remove the anesthetic and give you protective eyewear. Dr. Lamoureux will provide you with safe, comfort-enhancing techniques. She makes sure that you have adequate time to pre-treat with your anesthetic, and that you are in a comfortable position, and that a cooling device is used to provide instant comfort. The Icon 1540 laser will be applied directly to your skin over the course of a 20-30 minute treatment as 480 microbeams hit under the treatment area, causing microscopic injuries to coagulate the skin. 

Patient Safety

There are a lot of lasers out there that are underpowered, not FDA-approved, not very effective, and may ultimately harm you. Patient safety is the most important part of providing laser treatments. Due to the sheer power of a cosmetic laser, a technician can burn or scar someone if they have not received proper training and don’t have the expertise to tell how the skin is reacting. Dr. Lamoureux has the education, training, tools, and experience to make sure that you’ll be kept safe and be extremely happy with your laser resurfacing results.

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Downtime is minimal with the Icon 1540 fractional resurfacing laser. After treatment, you can expect warmth, peeling, swelling, and redness in the treated area for 5-7 days. You may also see small red circles on your skin from the device’s tip (this can be easily covered with makeup). 

We recommend that you use a good moisturizer during recovery, as well as a strong SPF on top of the moisturizer. Most patients have two Icon 1540 fractional resurfacing laser treatments, spaced at monthly intervals. Maintenance treatments can be performed annually or semi-annually.

Why Choose Skin Dermatology?

At Skin Dermatology, we offer the very best in laser technology. We represent the best value in Shrewsbury and the Worcester area when you weigh training, expertise, safety, products, and atmosphere. Founded and led by double-board certified Dr. Alissa Lamoureux, Skin Dermatology offers patients a one-stop-shop where you can come to get medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology, as well as a full array of aesthetic services. We are dedicated to creating the best possible patient experience while providing the highest quality care.


How much does fractional skin resurfacing cost?

What risks are involved in fractional skin resurfacing?

How much does fractional skin resurfacing cost?

There are many variables that comprise laser pricing, such as the size of the area to be treated, the complexity of the treatment and results anticipated and number or treatments needed to achieve an outcome. Laser hair removal treatments can start at $125 per treatment, whereas a laser resurfacing treatment can cost $1000 per treatment. Complimentary consultations are performed to provide a treatment plan and review pricing details. Package pricing packages or multiple treatment area packages are provided in her customized treatment plan.

What risks are involved in fractional skin resurfacing?

Careful safety considerations must be taken in each laser treatment that our office provides. Dr. Lamoureux uses her vast knowledge of skin disease as a board certified dermatologist to identify any underlying medical conditions or medications that may be a contraindication to a treatment by taking a thorough medical history prior to your procedure. She stresses the need of being without a tan or have any skin compromise in the area to be treated. If you are determined to be a candidate, she reviews your medical history to determine the individual risks and benefits with you prior to embarking on your treatment course. Risks of treatment include redness, pain, swelling, incomplete removal, post inflammatory pigment change, burning, cold sore development, blistering, and temporary hair reductions.

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