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We know that infants, children and teen skin concerns and conditions can be much different than adults. Dr. Alissa Lamoureux, DO, FAOCD, FAAD, at Skin Dermatology in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, offers care geared just toward infants, children and teens, through her advanced training, compassion and expertise. Contact Dr. Lamoureux today or book an appointment online to ensure your child is getting the best care possible.


Pediatric Dermatology Q&A

What is Pediatric Dermatology?

Dr. Lamoureux at Skin Dermatology is a doctor who has extensive training and knowledge of the skin, scalp, hair and nails and treats conditions that affect those areas. She evaluates any abnormality, blemish or lesion on the skin in order to determine the cause and will determine a course of treatment. With her expertise and knowledge, she cares for all ages of individuals from infants to seniors. She understands the needs of children are not always the same as adults and cares for them accordingly. The level of care and compassion she displays towards your infant, child or teen will make you realize you made the right decision to visit us.

When is the right time to talk to Dr. Lamoureux about my child?

Maybe your child has a birthmark, a wart, acne or eczema. The pediatrician you adore has treated it, but now you think it's time to see a specialist. Or maybe your pediatrician suggested it because the condition is beyond her area of expertise. So where do you go? You should schedule an appointment with Dr. Lamoureux at Skin Dermatology, as she is a doctor who treats a variety of pediatric skin conditions in children from birth through adolescence. Children experience many of the same skin issues as adults, but certain conditions are more common in younger children.

How do you treat pediatric conditions?

Dr. Lamoureux is trained to consider kids' special needs and help them feel comfortable as she examines and treats them. Kids can't always answer medical questions or say what's bothering them during an exam, Dr. Lamoureux is trained to help figure out what's going on. She teaches parents about treatment options and good skin care habits. And, with children who are old enough, she can instruct them on how to deal with and effectively manage their condition.


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