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When you put your best face forward, you feel confident in yourself. At Skin Dermatology in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, Dr. Alissa Lamoureux, DO, FAOCD, FAAD, offers comprehensive aesthetic treatments to give you bright and beautiful skin, improving your confidence. Contact Skin Dermatology today for a free consultation or book an appointment online to learn more about your aesthetic treatment options.


What are aesthetic treatments?

Aesthetic treatments are noninvasive treatments to improve the appearance of your skin and serve to complement and enhance your daily skin regimen. They are often offered at dermatology offices and medical spas.

Aesthetic treatments may help:

  • Eliminate acne
  • Improve skin tone and reduce redness
  • Reduce appearance of scars, fine lines, and wrinkles
  • Reduce pigmentation or discoloration of the skin
  • Tighten or smooth skin

With a wide range of aesthetic treatments available, you can tailor your treatments to fit your skin care goals.

What aesthetic treatments do you offer?

At Skin Dermatology, you can access many safe, effective aesthetic treatments in a relaxing spa-like environment. You can receive:

  • Chemical peels
  • Customized facial masks
  • Dermaplaning
  • Facial treatments
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Private label, medical-grade skin care products

These services are safe and effective. They use the latest skin care solutions, like retinols, hyaluronic acid and alpha and beta hydroxy acids to improve your skin’s appearance. They also take advantage of your skin’s natural healing process to stimulate growth and give you a healthy glow.

Dr. Lamoureux can perform a personalized skin analysis to help you decide which treatments are right for you. She’ll closely examine your skin and talk to you about what areas you think need to be treated. Together, you will make a long-term plan for younger, healthier looking skin. Your plan may include a few different aesthetic treatments, depending on your needs.

What should I expect after aesthetic treatments?

Recovery after aesthetic treatments can vary greatly. Skin care products may have no side effects or recovery at all. However, chemical peels and microdermabrasion may leave your skin red for a few days and require you to avoid the sun as your skin recovers and repairs itself.

Likewise, some aesthetic treatments offer fast results while others require weeks for your body’s natural healing process to revitalize your skin. Some treatments need to be repeated while others only need one treatment to be effective.

Dr. Lamoureux and her staff will provide you with all the information you need for a successful recovery. They will help you understand how to prepare for your treatment and what to expect after your treatment is over.

Find the right aesthetic treatment for your skin care needs. Contact Skin Dermatology for a free consultation today or book an appointment online for a personalized skin analysis.

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